About Us

The vision is to meet the meet the diverse needs of every child and to help pupils acquire the knowledge, essential skills and qualifications needed to prepare them for a constantly changing technological world. We strive to encourage all pupils, supported by well qualified and trained staff, to develop their talents to the fullest possible extent to become the leaders of tomorrow.

It is our expectation that all staff identify and pursue CPD opportunities that enhance both their professional development in addition to pupil outcomes. This aim is supported by schools policy and practice in addition to partnerships with other organisations.



  • To educate each individual child in the best way possible, according to the diverse needs of every one no matter what his/her capabilities.
  • To create a caring organisation in which pupils can enjoy equity, encouragement and sympathy, and in which their parents are fully informed, committed and involved.
  • To show pupils that they have a responsibility to make use of the opportunities and resources provided to allow the development of their own personal competence, self-respect and self-confidence.
  • Through a disciplined and ordered community, and through good relationships between pupils and staff to ensure co-operation, courtesy and a reasoned set of attitudes, values, beliefs and obligations towards family, school and the community – including honesty, reliability and integrity.
  • To develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds which have the ability to question, analyse, and evaluate rationally, and to seek reasonable and positive solutions to the problems of life.
  • To help pupils to acquire the knowledge, abilities and qualifications relevant to further education, adult life and employment.
  • To encourage resourcefulness, adaptability and persistence so that our young people may be prepared for the rapid changes in technology, employment and society that they will face in the world beyond school.
  • To ensure, through assessment and evaluation, that every child is progressing satisfactorily and at the appropriate pace towards the highest standards possible throughout his/her school career.
  • To create a learning school in every sense of the word. This includes the professional support of all staff both teaching and non teaching in their attempts to improve their own CPD. In turn this will support their contribution to the wider school both in and out of the classroom



  • To enable pupils to use the English language effectively in written and spoken communication, and to stimulate an active enjoyment in English Literature.
  • To maintain the enthusiasm of children for the Welsh language, and the cultural and linguistic heritage of Wales.
  • Where possible to introduce pupils to other languages, to acquire literacy and oral ability in them, and to gain an understanding of the cultures they represent and of Britain’s place in Europe.
  • To foster the ability to manipulate numbers, to understand mathematical ideas, and to tackle mathematical problems relevant to the real world.
  • To ensure that pupils develop IT skills, which they can use in the wider world.
  • To develop an understanding of fundamental Christian values, morals, ethics and beliefs and to encourage a respect for other cultures, races and religions.
  • To encourage an awareness of the pupil’s place in Time, of historical method, of human achievement and the origins of the contemporary world.
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of the Environment on which we all depend, and knowledge of this Country, the World, and of the interdependence of nations.
  • To involve pupils in creative and aesthetic experiences, so that they may develop skills in designing and creating, and an appreciation of craftsmanship and beauty.
  • To provide opportunities for the pupils’ physical development, to promote positive attitudes to fitness, health and the body and to establish the basis for varied leisure activities in the future.
  • To ensure an understanding of Modern Society; how the Country, through Industry and Commerce, achieves its standard of living and how the institutions of a free democracy operate in Britain today.
  • To prepare pupils for working life, by providing work skills, information about employment and, where appropriate, experience of actual work situations.
  • To prepare pupils for a full, creative and rewarding life outside work by introducing them to the many ways in which leisure opportunities may be enjoyed in the modern world.


Our aim is to offer equal opportunities to every pupil in every aspect of school life, irrespective of sex, race, religion, social class or disability. All pupils are of equal worth and we place equal value on the abilities, talents and skills of every individual in our charge.