Headteacher’s Foreword

D JenkinsAt Brynteg we encourage all young people to stay in education and training. We hope that most of our Year 11 students will return to our Sixth Form and we welcome those
from other schools who wish to access our wide range of high quality courses. All Bridgend schools and Bridgend College are working in collaboration to offer a wider range of courses to Sixth Form students returning to Brynteg School. This means that some students may choose to take up a course/subject offered elsewhere but still be part of our Sixth Form. All we expect from those joining our Sixth Form is hard work and commitment. We expect our students to have high levels of attendance and to ‘buy into’ the complete package of Sixth Form life. Maintaining our traditional values is key to this. That includes extra curricular activities in the school and in the wider community, meeting homework and coursework deadlines, and acting as role models for younger pupils. Every half term we monitor the progress of each individual student and where necessary we agree short term targets, but we hope that all students will set themselves high expectations and develop as independent learners. Those who join our Sixth Form and work hard will have a rich and rewarding experience, and this will prepare them well for the worlds of work and higher education.