The following school routines are designed for the benefit of all to enable the school community to function efficiently.

We have the highest expectations that our students will behave with courtesy and consideration for others at all times, both in school and on their way to and from it. Your full parental support helps to ensure that your child respects and obeys these routines for theirs as well as others’ benefit.

Conduct about the buildings

Your child should not use the foyer entrances; this is for the use of the staff, visitors and delivery drivers only. Greater numbers of users would jeopardise health and safety.

We wish to encourage general orderliness in school and therefore expect your child to keep to the left in corridors and stairs and not to run. In a school of our size it is important that all pupils are aware of safety in specialist rooms (e.g. Technology and Science) where safety procedures are displayed.

Cycling is not permitted in the school grounds.

The School Day

All students are expected to wear school uniform and to have essential items of equipment. Parents have copies of our dress code which can be found under the Key Documents page.

If your child arrives at school before 8.10am they wait in the dining area in the main building.


All students Years 7 to 11 should attend registration at 8.45. Years 12 & 13 need to register on Mondays & Fridays at 8.45am


A breakfast service operates from 8.20-845am for staff and students.

Break Time

The Canteens are open during the morning break and your child may purchase snacks and drinks. A smart card (cashless) system is used at the tills and further details can be found here.

Lunch Time

Lunchtime begins at 13.35pm your child should either bring a packed lunch from home or purchase a school lunch from the canteen. A price guide can be found under the cafeteria pages on the website. Please encourage your child to dispose of their litter in the bins provided. Eating in classrooms is not allowed. These are places of work and should be respected as such. Under normal circumstances pupils are not allowed to leave the premises at lunchtime. Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 are allowed off site during the lunchbreak.

End of Day

The day ends at 3.20 pm. Students are asked to help stack the chairs or put on the desks and leave the room tidy with all litter being put in the bin.

Sickness and First Aid

Pupils should not call parents themselves if they are unwell. In the event of your child feeling unwell or having an accident in school they should tell their teacher or a member of staff on duty who will send them to the School office where he/she will be assessed by a First Aider or the Pupil Health & Wellbeing Officer. The decision to send a pupil home will only be given by a senior member of staff, who will contact parents by using the emergency telephone number supplied. This number should be in the front of your child,s Planner. It is important to remember that during school hours our staff are legally responsible for your child’s welfare and safety on the premises.

Care of School Buildings and Property

Each tutor group is responsible for keeping its own tutor room tidy. Your child is expected to play their full part in ensuring that high standards are maintained.

In the event of your child losing or damaging a text book or any other school property they will be expected to pay for this damage or loss.

Students’ Property

It is of great importance that all personal property belonging to your child is named, including school uniform, watches and pens. They should be warned not to leave money/valuables in unattended bags anywhere in school.

If your child needs to bring any money to school, it is essential that they keep this on their person at all times. Large amounts of money e.g. a school journey payment, may be handed in to your child’s form tutor or to the School Offices for safe-keeping.

If you wish your child to cycle to school, he/she should have passed their cycling proficiency test. It is also advisable to have the bicycle frame stamped at the local police station for identification purposes.

Parents are advised to have expensive items of property e.g. bicycles, musical instruments covered on your  own insurance since the school is not covered for loss of property during the school day.

Mobile phones/iPods etc may not be seen, heard or used anywhere on the school site (buildings or grounds). If they are, they will be confiscated and held by the Head or Deputy Head until YOU come in to collect them. The School cannot accept responsibility for the safe keeping or loss of mobile phones.

Outdoor uniform that is worn to school that does not conform to school regulations will also be confiscated and held until collected by either a parent/guardian.

The following are prohibited in school:

Drinks or foods in glass bottles/jars

Chewing gum

Alcohol, cigarettes or matches/lighters

Any illegal substances or items

Any object which constitute a health and safety risk, eg: offensive weapons (including points and blades)


When your child arrives she will be issued with a Homework Timetable which provides a structure to assist pupils in the organisation of their time. It is impossible, however, for teachers to be specific about the length of time a piece of work should take. Pupils have varying abilities, interests and enthusiasms.

Homework may include work which can be done in a fairly short period of time and, therefore is required to be given in the next lesson, as well as work which is expected to take several evening sessions.

We will do our best to:

  • Set homework on a regular basis
  • Set tasks which are suitable and achievable
  • Relate homework tasks to work done in class
  • Assess homework, give feedback and encouragement
  • Set homework in line with the following guidelines


Year Daily Time
Years 7 & 8 45 mins
Year 9 1 hour
Years 10 & 11 1.5 hours
Years 12 & 13 2 hours or more


A Planner will be issued to your child at the beginning of each new year. It serves as regular record for homework for pupils, parents and tutors. It is expected that parents and the tutor will sign it each week. The Planner can create a closer link between home and school as well as helping each pupil to become responsible and organised in their attitude towards their studies. Please ensure that your home and work/emergency telephone numbers are correctly recorded in the Planner.

The Planner is an additional way for teachers and parents to communicate pleasure concerning a pupil’s progress or dissatisfaction about poor performance.

Please encourage your child to use their Planner as fully as possible and check it regularly.

Enrichment Activities

A range of enrichment activities takes place, some of these at lunch time and others after school. The programme of activities is published every term and the list may be found under the student section of the website. Information about those and other events is also given in the weekly Pupil Bulletin and in Newsletters.

School Reception and Security

Reception is your first point of contact when visiting members of staff. All visitors must sign in and are required to wear a visitor’s badge issued only from Reception. There are receptions in both upper and lower schools.