childline_displayThe wellbeing of our students is very important to us in Brynteg.

The school has a Pupil Health and Wellbeing officer, Counsellors and an informative PSE programme is available to all pupils. We want everyone at Brynteg to feel safe and secure.

The school cares about issues you may have and will respond appropriately. Bullying , in any form, is not acceptable. For example :-

  • Verbal – name calling, taunting, cruel teasing, telling lies, threats or malicious gossip.
  • Physical – Threatening, slapping, assault, damage to personal belongings, coercing the victims into acts they do not want to do.
  • Psychological – Threatening, ignoring, extortion, ostracising pupils from their own peer group.

You are encouraged to speak out if you are being bullied or if someone you know is being bullied. Time is be made available for you to speak in confidence and in private during form tutor session or with your progress leader (Head of Year) who is available every breaktime and lunchtime to discuss any concerns you may have.

REMEMBER : If you are bullied, it’s not your fault. It is the bully who has the problem!