School Council

DSC_8446The Brynteg School Council exists for pupils. The aim of the School Council is to provide a forum for pupils to discuss their views on the different aspects of school life that affect them.

The School Council meets once every half term following on from a Year Council meeting and form class discussions about the issues that effect students.

Members of Brynteg’s School Council are called School Councillors. Every September, two representatives from each Year Council are elected democratically to the School Council. The Head Boy and Head Girl are also school councillors and they chair meetings

School Councillors are expected to express the views of their Year Council. They are also expected to give opinion and views about issues discussed at the School Council meetings based on how they believe their Year group would feel about the topic. School Councillors report back to their Year Councils and year groups about decisions made and issues arising from School Council meetings.

Dates Meetings/Action Minutes
3rd– 9th Sept 2015 Form Representative
ElectionsPlease pass on the names of the 2 Form Representatives to Progress Leaders/Assistant Progress Leaders by Wednesday 9th September.
Form Reps to collect items for discussion at Year Council Mtg 1
14th Sept 2015 Year Council Meetings 1
Year Team to discuss and vote for Year Council Representatives to stand on the School Council for the year.
Discussion of issues raised by form classes and decision on which issues will be put forward to 1st School Council meeting.
21st Sept 2015 School Council Induction/Meeting 1
Discussion about constitution, role of School Council, Roles of students on the School Council, collecting views etc.
Items raised by Year Councils
12th Oct 2015 School/Year Council Feedback Week 1
Year Councillors to meet with Form Representatives at beginning of week and share with them the discussions from School Council and agreed action points.
ALL FORM REPRESENTATIVES to share this information with their form class in Form Period this week.
Following cycles follow the same structure as described above.

N.B. The week before the Year Council Meeting, Form Reps to discuss with their form, items to be taken forward to Year Council meeting and complete summary on ‘Be Heard’ sheet.

16th,Nov 2015 Year Council Meetings 2
23rd Nov 2015 School Council Meeting 2
7th Dec 2015 School/Year Council Feedback Week 2
25th Jan 2016 Year Council Meetings 3
1st Feb 2016 School Council Meeting 3
22nd Feb 2016 School/Year Council Feedback Week 3
29th Feb 2016 Year Council Meetings 4
7th March 2016 School Council Meeting 4
21st March 2016 School/Year Council Feedback Week 4
25th April 2016 Year Council Meetings 5
5th May 2016 School Council Meeting 5
23rd May 2016 School/Year Council Feedback Week 5
14th June 2016 Year Council Meetings 6
20th June 2-16 School Council Meeting 6
4th July 2016 School/Year Council Feedback Week 6