Code Of Conduct

We have the highest expectations that our students will behave with courtesy and consideration for others at all times, both in school and on their way to and from it. Your full parental support helps to ensure that your child respects and obeys these routines for theirs as well as others’ benefit.

In Class

  • Have the correct books and equipment for the lesson you are attending.
  • Complete and bring with you any homework set for the lesson.
  • Do not call out. Raise your hand.
  • Listen carefully to all instructions.
  • Take pride in your work and do your best.
  • Stand up when a member of staff enters the room.
  • Record all homework set in your diary.
  • Wait for the teacher to dismiss you at the end of the lesson.

Around School

  • Chewing gum is banned in school.
  • Move quickly between lessons and arrive at the next lesson on time.
  • Do not leave the school without permission.
  • Do not drop your litter, use one of the many bins provided.
  • Queue quietly in single file outside your classroom until your teacher lets you in.
  • Remember there are areas around the school you are not allowed, e.g. the car park in lower school.
  • Only years 12 & 13 are allowed to use the shop at breaktime.
  • Only year 10 and above are allowed off site at lunchtime. However this is a privilege to be earned and can be removed.
  • Lower school pupils may not use the shop under any circumstances
  • bags cannot be taken into the lower school canteen at lunchtime. Leave them in classrooms or on the hooks outside the canteen.
  • At lunch time lower school pupils are not allowed onto the upper school site until 2.05pm. Upper school students are not allowed on the lower school site until 2.05pm

Other People

  • Do not hurt anyone with words or actions.
  • Be polite and helpful to everyone – adults and each other
  • Learn to accept other people. Be understanding.
  • Be aware of others around you while moving about in school