Punctuality and Attendance

Punctuality – is a very important part of school life. Morning registration takes place at 8.45am and afternoon registration takes place at 2.20pm

  • Students will be regarded as being late if they arrive after the register has been taken.
  • If your child arrives after the register has been taken they must go to the school office to sign in late.
  • The Year Leaders will keep a close eye on punctuality at all times of the day. If your child is frequently late they may have to attend a detention.

Attendance – The proper place for pupils to be on a school day. If your child is not in school you should telephone the school as soon as possible on their first day of absence. You should then provide them with a note on the first day of their return. Until a note is received, an absence will be regarded as unauthorised. Some absences will be regarded as unauthorised and if you in any doubt then you should contact the school. Parents are asked not to arrange family holidays during term time. Where this is unavoidable a Holiday form should be obtained from the school office, completed and returned. An automated system “SIMS InTouch and the SIMS App” is in use. Parents will be phoned automatically if their child fails to report for registration and there has been no prior notification of absence or absence reported by telephone that morning. Please keep your contact details up to date with the office. We work closely with our Education Welfare Officer over the matter of absence after day one – a telephone call will save any embarrassment for all concerned.

Signing out – If your child needs to leave during the school day e.g. for dental or hospital appointments, they need to get permission and produce a note or appointment card and fill in the signing out book in the office. They will be given a pass which gives permission to be out of school. On returning to school, they should report to the office. Please remember you they will not be given permission to leave school without proof of their appointment.