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 The move from primary to secondary school can be an exciting but daunting experience which is why at Brynteg School we are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils who decide to join our school community are supported during their move from primary school.

Every child is important to us which is why we provide a comprehensive programme of events in Year 5, 6 and 7 to ensure all pupils settle in as quickly as possible at school and can achieve their
maximum potential. We are unique within Bridgend as being the only cluster of schools to have a designated Cluster Learning Support Officer who works in all primary and secondary schools to support those learners requiring additional support during the transition process. Our 3-Year Transition Pathway outlines the range of activities pupils experience over the transition process. IMG_2813_1280Copies of our Transition Pathway can be viewed and downloaded from this webpage.

This page provides useful information on our provision for transition including a copy of our Transition Pathway and a list of frequently asked questions.

Information regarding Bridgend County Borough Council’s admissions process can be found by visiting their Pupil Services website.

If you are unable to find an answer to your questions or, if you have any suggestions about additional information you think should be included on these pages then please do not hesitate to contact Mr Craig Wade (Learning Director) using the form at the bottom of this page.

Transition Pathway

Download (PDF, Unknown)

How can I help my child during their move to Brynteg?

Secondary school can be very different from primary school. At Brynteg we set our pupils very high standards not only in terms of their learning but also in terms of their personal organisation as we feel that this best prepares them for life after Brynteg.

  • Regularly check your child’s planner. Planners are an important communication between school and home. Teachers may comment on your child’s progress using their planner. Your child will also write important school notices in it.
  • Help your child to organise their time. Homework will play an important part in your child’s learning as it teaches them to become independant learners. You can help your child by checking planners for homework and encouraging them to complete it on time.
  • For the first few weeks help them to pack their bag their bag the night before. This makes morning times a little less stressful.
  • Make sure your child has somewhere at home to do their homework. Ideally this would be somewhere quiet and without distractions like TV or games consoles.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, contact us! The sooner we can deal with any questions or concerns the better!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child have a chance to visit Brynteg?

 Yes! We have a comprehensive Transition Pathway in place to ensure that your child gets a taste of what life is like in Brynteg. Those pupils from our main feeder primaries (Brackla Primary, Litchard Primary, Oldcastle Primary, Penybont Primary and Tremains Primary) will attend one main transition event every term such as performing arts workshops, maths taster sessions or design technology days.

My child is not from one of the main primary feeder schools, will they be able to visit Brynteg?

 Yes, in fact we encourage this! Mr Wade will contact your child’s school to tell them when the transition events are, alternatively upcoming transition events and information will be posted on the website.

Will I have an opportunity to visit the school?

Yes! There are two evenings for new parents and carers to visit the school; our ‘Open Evening’ in the autumn term and a ‘Parents’ Evening’ in the summer term. We also hold a Parents’ Evening and Parent Partnership Evening Autumn Term of Year 7. Details will be sent to primary schools and posted on this webpage closer to the date.

When will I know what my form class my child will be in?

We understand that knowing what form class your child is put into can cause anxiety for you and your child. The new Progress Leader puts in a lot of thought when deciding what pupils to put in each form and can only do this after meeting with primary teachers in the summer term. We also ask pupils to name two friends from primary school they would like to be in the same class as with the view of honouring at least one of these choices. Your child will be told their new form group on the taster day in July and will also have a chance to meet with their new form tutor. As a parent you will also have an opportunity to meet with the new form tutor at the Year 6 Parents’ Evening.

I’m not happy with the form class my child is in. What should I do?IMG_2840_1280

Every effort is made to make sure that the transition from primary school to Brynteg is as easy as possible. Groupings are made based upon information provided by primary schools on interests and other specific needs. Sometimes a pupil is not happy with the form class they are in but meeting new people and making new friends is an important skill that is encouraged during the move to Brynteg. However, if you have any major concerns, please contact the school and your concerns will be passed on to the Progress Leader.

When can I buy my child’s school uniform?

You can purchase your child’s uniform whenever you want. A uniform list can be found on the school website and also in the prospectus your child will bring home. Please remember that in September your child needs to wear the winter uniform and not polo shirts from our summer uniform.

Uniform suppliers will also be available at the Parents’ Evening in July.

Here are the links to our two main uniform suppliers.

My child is entitled to free school meals. What happens when they come to Brynteg?

If you are receiving benefits then we will automatically know that your child is entitled to receive free school meals. Your child however, can also receive free school meals if your annual income falls below a certain threshold (currently £16,190). If you have any questions regarding your child’s entitlement to free school meals then please contact Bridgend County Council on 01656 643643

I’ve mislaid some of the forms from the pack my child was sent home with. What can I do?

All forms can be downloaded from this site.

What should my child bring to school on the first day?

On the first day your child should come prepared with stationery. Books and planners will be issued by subject teachers and form tutors. Your child will not need to bring their PE kit the first day.

My child will catch the bus to school. What do they do on the first day?

Bridgend County Council Transport coordinating unit will contact you if your child is entitled to a bus pass to travel to school. If you have any queries about your child’s bus pass or if you have not received the information and you feel that your child is entitled to a bus pass then please contact the unit on 01656 642951

Can mobile phones be brought into school?

We discourage pupils from bringing mobile phones to school. Mobile phones are valuable items and the school cannot be held responsible for damage or loss. However, if you particularly feel that you wish your child to bring their mobile phone to school then they must be switched off and in the bottom of their bags. (In an emergency, pupils can use the main offices to phone home)

Please be aware that if a pupil is found using a mobile phone without the permission of a member of staff then they will be confiscated. Confiscated phones can only be collected by parents at the end of the school day from the appropriate Progress Leader.

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