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Please find attached a parent/carer and student edition of 'Emotionally Healthy Guide to GCSE' that you and your child may find useful when preparing for GCSE examinations.

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This site offers all sorts of support, from making revision timetables to producing revision materials.

Go to ‘create’ for how to make flashcards, mindmaps, revision planners etc.

Go to ‘GCSE’ for revision materials was launched in 2007 with the aim of providing a fun and free revision resource for GCSE and A-Levels. has been designed to provide you with the foundations of knowledge needed to pass each subject. Whilst not aligning itself with a particular exam board or syllabus aims to cover the key aspects of each subject.

The Revision World Network purchased in 2010 and rebranded the site as to co-inside with the launch of and in 2015.



App: BBC Bitesize – Revision

Covers most subjects and qualifications.


This site offers interactive, visual strategies for revision.

A handy video showing how to use Popplet:



Inner Drive Website



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