A huge well done to Year 11, who attended their mock interviews over the last two days. The purpose of the event was to provide pupils with a chance to practise their organisation, time keeping and communication skills in a real life scenario, which will hopefully help them to secure future opportunities. The event was facilitated by Hannah Stephens from Careers Wales. Many thanks to Hannah for her tireless work on the day. Pupils were taught how to complete an application form, as a follow up task to the summer CV workshop offered by Lloyds Bank. In addition, they were given tips on how to perform to the best of their ability at interview. 

Feedback from employers was excellent. Several employers were surprised by the level of detail included in the application forms. Thanks to Form Tutors, Parents and Carers for helping them to prepare. 

Lloyds Bank commented that the “performance of the boys had improved significantly from previous years”, whilst the girls also displayed very strong communication skills. Hopefully, this will be even better next year, as the school has launched a set of new oracy strategies to boost communication skills across the school. Many employers stated that they “would offer jobs to individual pupils”.

Many thanks to Sean Parry and Eva Cornwall from Careers Wales who attended the Year 11 assembly to present the Careers Wales Mark to our representatives of our Pupil Governing body James Alexander and Hannah Nadzo.

Following on from the school’s acquisition of the Careers Wales Mark award in October, many employers commented on the fact that the students were really “driven” and seemed to be aware of what they wanted to do in life and the steps that they needed to take to get there. Thank you to our Careers Adviser- Eva Cornwall and the whole of the Brynteg staff for supporting pupils and providing them with so many opportunities and ideas regarding future careers. Please note that if your child/guardian is still unsure about what they want to do next, they should book an appointment with Eva Cornwall, who will guide them in the right direction.

Further advice was also provided to students by employers on how to achieve future career goals. On Monday, students will receive a detailed feedback form on how then can improve their future interview and application performance. Hopefully, this will help students to see the importance of working hard at achieving the best GCSE results possible, as several employers reinforced the fact that this was a key way to separate candidates on an application form. 

All employers thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The school’s drive to use Assessment for Learning strategies in all lessons, was also evident in the pupil feedback forms, which included so many detailed positive comments (please see examples below). Many thanks to the employers, who gave up their time free of charge. They really were interested in what our students had to say.

” I liked how genuine he was. His prompts and questions were clear and he had a friendly demeanour which was reassuring.”

“A target that I need to work on to continue my career path is to look for a part-time employment to expand my knowledge of the outside world.”

“It gave me a lot of insight into what the working world is like and a good understanding of what I need to do to succeed.”

“I found out that I should research more things about my future career.”

The employers were:

Day One:

Nicola Millard-Wilmott Dixon Matt Thomas- Wilmott Dixon Sarah Evans – BCBC Rural Tracy Mortimer- BCBC David Salt- Former NHS worker Gethin Charles- Department of Work and Pensions Rhian Lecrass- ACT Sharone Williams- Living Solutions Adam at Apollo Jess Morgan- Kier Construction Alun Armstrong- STEM Ambassador Craig Moss-Daydream Education Wendy Walker-Irvin GQ Sharon Williams- Lloyds Bank Cheree Williams-Lloyds Bank

Day Two:

Nicola Millard-Wilmott Dixon Lucy Stephens-Wilmott Dixon Adam Cox- BAM David Salt- Retired NHS worker Harry Egan-Aecom Michelle Price-  HMRC Andrew Llewellyn- HMRC Phil Udraufski- New Homes Mortgage Helpline Sian Burgess Careers Co-ordinator Health and Wellbeing .