On Wednesday 31st January, Mr Tim Penn visited Brynteg to talk about Communication in the Global Trading Environment to year 9 pupils. Tim is a business man who had developed partnerships with different countries in the world. Tim explained and discussed the benefit of speaking several languages in today’s world and how in a globally competitive economy, the ability to speak foreign languages is a distinct advantage. Tim provided plenty opportunities for year 9 to reflect on their futures and why knowledge of a different language might help. Here are some of the comments made by year 9 pupils on why knowing a language is an advantage in the working world.

“You can branch out into other countries – you have options.” (Lewis)

“People who speak French don’t just live in France; they live in other countries too.” (Amelia)

“You can be working in anything at all. It could be retail, it could be cuisine, it could be anything really.” (Lauren)

“The job opportunities would be wider seeing as you have the extra language. For example, if you own an architecture company and you need to do work internationally, you won’t have to pay someone to translate for you.” (Megan).

Kind thanks are given to Mr Tim Penn for visiting Brynteg School.