Brynteg have continued to forge strong links with the Oxplore website – the home of Big Questions.   In the summer term, year 9 pupils and Debating Club members evaluated the Oxplore site and provided suggestions for improvement. Feedback from the pupils was comprehensive and informative and the Oxplore team were impressed with their ideas and knowledge of web design.  In July, two students in year 9 won second prize in the year 7- 9 age category in the National Oxplore competition. Pupils were asked to pose a ‘big question.’ Seren Dancey and Ella Jones asked: Is the population of people with mental health issues increasing? If so, why is this? What a topical and brilliant question!

The partnership was further strengthened on 11th September, when students in Debating Club and year 12 and 13 participated in the Oxplore Launch event. Pupils were given a demonstration of the site and shown how some aspects of the site had been improved, according to some of the year 9 suggestions and recommendations from other schools. They were also asked to contemplate the question ‘Would you like to live forever?’ Not an easy one to answer, as the pupils discovered.

The Oxplore site will officially launch next week. It is a superb resource for students. There are currently 35 questions on the site, covering a wide range of subject areas. Students can go in and add their own responses to the questions, watch a video connected to the topic, or look at the views of a wide range of academics on the topic. It is very user friendly and could help students to improve their performance in school. For those aiming for the top universities, they could comment on their UCAS forms about a question that they have researched on the site.

Brynteg wishes the Oxplore gang the best of luck with their new and exciting venture. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this amazing project!

Mrs S Burgess