Dear Parent/ Carer,

I would like to share the school’s good news with you. Brynteg has now been placed in the top category for each of the elements that make up National School Categorisation for the second year in succession.

Standards Group Improvement Capacity Support Category
1 A Green

Whilst National School Categorisation is just one means of assessing a school’s performance, I am delighted to inform you that Brynteg has been placed within the top category for each judgement.  In essence it confirms that Brynteg is amongst the top performing schools in Wales.

Within the system schools are categorised according to KS4, (GCSE) performance data reported as the Standards Group.  Two additional judgements are made on the school’s Capacity to Improve and also the school’s Support Category which represents the level of support the school requires from the Central South Consortium.  You may find the following link of interest:

Post 16 outcomes at the school also remain very impressive.  The nearly all pupils leaving Year 13 at the end of 2016 gained a place at their first choice university.  Whilst ALPS, which is a data base incorporating schools from England and Wales, places 6th Form outcomes at the school within the top 25% of schools.

Partnership working is without doubt a key factor in our school’s success, as such I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, staff, pupils and the governing body for your continued support and the contribution you each make to the schools continued success.

Finally, I also wish to inform you of my decision to take early retirement at the end of the current academic year. It has been both a privilege and pleasure to have been the headteacher of such a fantastic school for the last seven years. It is an experience that I have enjoyed enormously. Naturally, I wish all those associated with the school every success in the future.

Yours faithfully,