In May, members of the Debating Club and twenty students from Year 9 were given a unique insight into a new website called Oxplore by a team from The University of Oxford. The aim of the interactive site is to encourage students to explore high level questions and to complete a number of tasks that are connected to each question. Quizzes and reading lists are available at the end of each section. The questions cover a range of subject areas. A popular one amongst debating club members was: ‘Are aliens real?’

The interactive site is great for extending pupils’ thinking and reasoning and for developing their analytical skills. It is a must for students aspiring to go to university, but can also be used by younger students.  Some of the topics covered by Year 9 students were related to: Robotics, social media, religion and love.

Year 9 were also encouraged to write their own ‘big question’ which could potentially appear on the website and win them a prize and a visit to Oxford university. There were some ‘out of this world’ ideas and hopefully there is a winner amongst them.

A follow up visit by the university, enabled the pupils to critique the website. The pupils gave their viewpoints honestly and generated some fantastic new ideas in order to attract more interest to the site. Alex and Rebecca from the Oxford team could not speak more highly about our students. Well done Year 9 and Debating Club members. You did Brynteg school proud!