Wednesday 13th March 2019

Twenty Year 12 pupils and Mrs Allen enjoyed their trip to the 25th Science in Health Live event last Wednesday. This annual event is run by Cardiff University and involves schools from across the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, hosted by the School of Medicine. Pupils are given an insight into the diverse nature of research being carried out at Cardiff University that is having a real impact on medical and clinical practice worldwide.

The day started with a thought-provoking keynote lecture by Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, on “Health Care – 25 years of progress but more to come?” Sir Borysiewicz is a Welsh immunologist who studied medicine at Cardiff University and was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. He is currently chair of Cancer Research UK.

This was followed by 2 short talks highlighting hot topics in biomedical science, which will be made available to view online.

The group then split into 3 and attended research lab tours. Our group visited the lipid labs and found out about the use of mass spectrometry and confocal microscopy to determine the mechanism of wound healing. The tour was led by researchers in the field, including my ex-pupil Adam Leonard who is currently on a gap year before starting his degree at Bath. He is thoroughly enjoying his time working in the lab and was more than happy to answer the many questions thrown at him by our pupils.

After a quick lunch, our students looked around the hands-on exhibits run by the various health care departments. They asked lots of questions to find out more about the various disciplines and had fun taking part in the games and activities available. As usual, the suturing and taking-blood were very popular! Many students also completed the quiz arranged around the exhibits.

The final session was the “Expert panel”, where pupils texted their questions about university and the courses available to clinical and non-clinical staff and students. It was great to see another ex-pupil Alex Coombs on the panel. He is currently completing the 3rd year of his Medical degree.

Just before we left, the winners of the quiz were announced. Alana and Halle were awarded prizes from Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz for joint 2nd place!!

Another inspirational day, giving pupils lots of ideas about the career paths they could follow after 6th Form!