Brynteg Anti Bullying Support Page

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is repeated negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe.

Verbal bullying is the repeated negative use of speech, sign language, or verbal gestures to intentionally hurt others e.g. using hurtful words, discriminatory or offensive language, swear words.

Indirect bullying is the repeated negative use of actions, which are neither physical nor verbal, to intentionally hurt others e.g. spreading rumours, purposefully excluding another person, damaging or stealing someone’s property, and cyberbullying.

Physical bullying is the repeated negative use of body contact to intentionally hurt others e.g. kicking, punching, slapping, inappropriate touching, and spitting.

Cyberbullying is the repeated negative use of technology to intentionally hurt others e.g.  posting unwanted pictures or messages, accessing another person’s account without permission, creating fake accounts to impersonate or harass someone, and sharing other people’s private information online.

Need Someone To Talk To?

You can contact ChildLine by phone, email or text for advice/support for a variety of issues.

Alternatively speak to the school, contact the anti bullying team using the form below. Don’t be afraid, its not your fault.