29Jun 2016

Fifty school pupils in Bridgend have been presented with their own laptop computers under an innovative new scheme. Concerned at reports that bright children excelling at IT in school were “falling back” with their homework because they did not have access to a computer at home, Councillors Peter Foley and Roger Marsh decided to act. […]

29Jan 2016

Dear Parent/ Carer, We would like to share our good news with you. Brynteg has now been placed in the top category for each of the elements that make up the National Standards Categorisation. Whilst National School Categorisation is just one means of assessing a school’s performance, I am delighted to inform you that Brynteg […]

26Jan 2016

Kathmandu, a sprawling city of over 49 square kilometres but home to nearly a million. Considering that the city was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale only 8 months ago, our experience of it was not tainted by the constant views of rubble and collapsed buildings, but rather filled with […]

21Jan 2016

Day Lunch After School Monday Product design – Mr Buller 75 Art – Art block German CA/Catch up – Mrs Smith 506 Childcare and Health & Social – Miss Jarrett,15 PE – Miss Welsford 13 English – Mrs Owen 3 Tuesday Music workshop – Mrs Fender 19 Product design – Mr Buller 75 Textiles – […]

04Jan 2016

Nadolig Llawen & Blwyddyn Newydd Da I chi gyd! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  Thanks to your continued efforts this year, through the Santa Appeal we have raised £3700.   This fantastic amount demonstrates the generosity of both pupils and staff. This contributed to gift bags full of presents for 127 disadvantaged children […]