NameAttended BryntegFieldTeam/AreaPhoto
J.M.C. Lewis1912-1913RugbyWales
H. Wyndham Thomas1912-1913RugbyWales horace
Melbourne Thomas1919-1924RugbyWales Melbourne_thomas
Dr. Jack Matthews1947 – 1951RugbyWales & British Lions Dr_jack_matthewa
Ken Richards1960 – 1961RugbyWales
Anthony J Ryan1966-1973Professor Of Maths. A Dr of Science, Dr Of Philosophy and Fullbright College Master researcherUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas USAryan
Wilson Lauder1969 – 1977RugbyScotlandwilson_lauder
JPR Williams1969 – 1981RugbyWales & British Lions JPR
Gerald Williams1980 -  1982RugbyWales Gerald_williams
Gareth Powell Williams1981 – 1982RugbyWalesGareth_powell_williams
Martin Holder1984 – 1992Karate – KyokushinkaiWales and Great Britain martin_holder
Richard Holder1984 – 1992Karate  - KyokushinkaiWales Richard_Holder
Jacqi Stephens1985Jounalist, media and TV critic
Victoria Davies1986 – 1995TennisWales & GB Victoria_Davies
Mike Hall1988 – 1995RugbyWales & British Lions mike_hall
Owain Williams1990RugbyWales Owain_williams
Kevin Ellis1991 – 1995RugbyWales & British Lions Kevin_ellis
Neil Boobyer1993 – 1999RugbyWales Neil_boobyer
Rebecca John1994BBC Broadcasting/Jounalism Rebecca_john
Rob Howley1995 – 2002RugbyWales & British Lions Rob_Howley
Dafydd James1995 – 2007RugbyWales & British Lions Dayffd_james
Nathan Thomas1996 – 1998RugbyWales Nathan_thomas
Victoria Davies1997 – 2005TennisWales & GB Victoria_davies
Gareth Lewis1999Broadcasting/Jounalism
Michael Brown2000 -2011Vice chancellor Liv/John Moores UniversityJohn_Moores
Gavin Henson2001-RugbyWales & British Lions Gavin_henson
James Bater2003RubgyWales james_bater
Gareth John Williams2003RugbyWales & British Lions Gareth_williams
Gary Owen2003Playwright & winner of Arts Council Award Gary_owen
Stephen Evans2004Journalism Stephen_Evans
Stephen Thomas2004SailingWorld Champion & Paralymics Stephen_Thomas
Paul Burston2006Author and journalist Paul_Burston
Prof. Keith Burnett2007Vice Chancellor University of Sheffield Keith_burnett
Llewellyn Matthews2007GolfWalker Cup Llewellyn_Matthews
Nicole Cooke2008CyclingOlympic and World Champion Nicole_Cooke
Rhys Davies2008International Golfer Rhys_Davies
Carwyn Jones2009PoliticsFirst Minister for Wales carwyn_Jones_AM
John Paul Davies2009JournalismSky Sports John_P_Davies
Kate Scott Williams2009BroadcastingBBC Kate_scott_williams
Alyn Hawke2011Actingalyn_hawke
Rhys Webb2012RugbyWalesrhys_webb
Ben Evans2013Rugby LeagueWales Ben_Evans
Rhys Evans2013Rugby LeagueWales Rhys_Evans
Josh Navidi2013RugbyWales Josh-Navidi
Scott Baldwin2013RugbyWales scott_baldwin
Matthew Morgan2014RugbyWales morgan_huw