Head Teacher’s Welcome

D JenkinsOur school bases its work on many of the traditional values which have inspired education in Wales – respect for discipline, high academic expectations and the development of the potential of every pupil. To those we have added the best of modern practices, teaching respect for others, service to the community and an interest in life long learning. Brynteg has been a comprehensive school for over 30 years and at a time when such schools have become easy targets for attacks by the media and politicians, I am proud to say that this school works. We are determined to get the best out of every pupil who comes to us. We expect high standards of behaviour from the children and we have been able to maintain those standards throughout a long period of intense social change. Our staff are continuously looking for ways in which we can improve the quality of teaching and learning for pupils of all ages and abilities.
Our best ambassadors are our pupils. Visitors to the school comment upon their high motivation towards work, their good behaviour and manners, and their self confidence. We are proud of our sports teams and the large numbers of individuals who go on to represent the County and Wales. Our musicians have acquired a reputation for high quality performances in concerts and musicals and also in less publicised events put on for old people’s homes and hospitals. There are extensive opportunities for those with an interest in all sorts of activities as well as in sport and music. All we ask of our pupils is that they take advantage of the opportunities we offer them. We are proud of the fact that many hundreds of pupils throw themselves enthusiastically into the annual events on Sports Day and in the Eisteddfod.
Brynteg is one of the largest schools in England and Wales and those who rarely set foot inside such schools are unable to understand how the needs of each individual child can be addressed. The answer lies in effective organisation and a strong pastoral system, which allows us to make every pupil feel known and valued. We recognise that the size of the school can seem intimidating to pupils transferring from a much smaller school. We believe that the links we have made with our partner primary schools go a long way to overcome these understandable worries. These links include visits by classes of pupils to Brynteg, visits by our staff to primary classrooms and assemblies, and the induction day in July when all of the following September’s new intake spend the day with us. Are we successful? Just ask the parents/carers of the older pupils. For several years the most frequently made comment at the Year 7 Parents` Evening has been that the children are very happy at Brynteg.
We are sure that your child will be happy with us as well and we are looking forward to working with you to give your child an interesting, enjoyable, and stimulating high quality educational experience.